Statement of Mailing (customer supplied) – Colour Tech Marketing Inc.

Some orders may experience delays due to industry wide uncertainties with stock and supplies. (read more)

How to create your Statement of Mailing (SOM)

For orders of more than 5,000 postcards, please call your Colour Tech Account Representative before completing the Statement of Mailing and the representative will confirm the number of bundles per container. When completing the Statement of Mailing you must select Container Type=Customer Supplied.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The container labels you submit to us with the completed Statement of Mailing indicate how many containers are required for the postcards being mailed. Since we are unable to make changes to the contents of each container, you must ensure your Statement of Mailing quantity matches exactly the quantity of postcards being mailed.

1) 'My Reference' field = Colour Tech invoice number
2) Select the 'I will drop off at one location (Transportation charges will apply)' option
3) Outlet of Payment - select MISSISSAUGA LCD 3 3385 2273 DUNDAS ST W MISSISSAUGA ON L5K 2L0
4) Number of Items per Bundle - 100
5) Number of Bundles per Container
   - postcards up to and including 8.5 x 5.5 = 10
   - postcards larger than 8.5 x 5.5 = 8
6) Container Type = Hard Sided Container
7) Print the SOM and sign it
8) Email all 3 copies with the Container Label(s) to your Account Rep or to

If you require assistance, please contact Canada Post directly at 1.866.757.5480